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In 1988, the visionary aspiration and business foresight of a young enterprising individual Shri J. Singh, created the concrete shape of M/s J. Singh &Associates (JS&A), a Chartered Accounting firm. In the subsequent years, with the help of his partners, he gave a definite direction to this firm. Today this firm has grown and consolidated its position in the financial arena to become one of the prominent accounting firms in India having 17 Branch offices located across the Country having its head office at Centre of Mumbai. Ever since its inception M/S J. Singh & Associates has rapidly diversified its activities in various spheres of financial services.

Brief Introduction of The Firm

The business environment in India continues to experience change on an unprecedented scale. Economic reforms and changes in India all bring problems and opportunities. As the needs and expectations of our clients have become more challenging, we have responded by developing more sophisticated VALUE ADDED services, broadening our range of skills and increasing our capabilities to serve our clients.

What all clients have in common a desire for quality service and value for money. To exceed their expectation in these areas, the firm aims to understand each client's business or organization and the context in which it operates. Our main objective is to provide our clients with professional advice and business solutions that meet business objectives. The firm provides practical answers, through the constructive relationships between our people and the clients they serve. To achieve this, we have adopted three key strategies.

First, as already mentioned, we aim to understand our clients' business and their particular needs. Every client is different and has different requirements. Our people at JS&A provide industry knowledge and examples of best practices, to complement the technical skills of each discipline.

Second, we recruit and develop people of high caliber-with imagination and flair, team players who can work with others from different disciplines. They are people of integrity, enthusiastic professionals who work hard. They are leaders in their fields, prepared to offer a view

Finally, we take lead in developing new services and new techniques, to match the changing needs of our clients and their market place

But the quality that marks us out is not just the scale of our resources; it's the ability to deliver those resources in ways that best meet the individual needs of each and every client. Everyone in JS&A is guided by a simple yet demanding maxim: Listen to what clients want.....then deliver more than they expect.

We have acted for many of our clients for years. We maintain a high standard of service consistently over the years as well as on individual assignments. We do this by developing good working relationships and by anticipating client's needs - by stretching ourselves and by going beyond expectations. Only by providing the best service over many years and on each assignment will our client stay loyal. Today our goodwill depends on the quality of each job done, and as professionals, we aim for excellence every time

Hallmarks of The Firm

Service Excellence - We put our clients first.

Professionalism - We strive to be timely, efficient and responsive in all we do. Our working relationships are founded on courtesy, fairness, mutual respect and personal touch.

Integrity - We are uncompromising: partners put interests of the clients above any personal interest or ambition. We are intent on getting to the right answer, rather than one that will do - that's part of delivering true value for money.

Vision - We not only understand the client's business but we also picture its potential.

Realism - We strive for a clear-sighted vision, based on honest and objective assessment of our client. We share our view openly and frankly with clients, proposing solutions where we see problems and initiatives where we see opportunities.

Involvement - Seeing `the client` as a person, not as abstract, leaves no room for aloofness or pomposity. An involvement breeds loyalty: a commitment that extends through bad times as well as good.

Energy - We think ahead, look beyond the immediate brief to see what else needs to be considered.

Creativity - We recognize the need to foster lateral thinking, and to stimulate innovation and imagination within client teams as well as our own.

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